Countdown to
SRP Election Day!


Want to earn $22 an hour to change history? The SRP Clean Energy Team is hoping to elect a majority of climate champions to the SRP board at the April 2nd election. Lauren Kuby is running to replace a board member who had a company he named Hitler Management! Also, SRP is the largest public power generator in the US and only has 3.4% solar.

We are knocking on doors of people who have ballots and getting them to mail them back ASAP (or give us their signed, sealed ballots, as we can legally collect ballots in the special SRP race).
We will be canvassing every day from 9:30am to 7pm and you can work whatever hours you want. You need to have a car or a bike as the addresses may not be close together.
Questions? Call Lauren Kuby at 602-790-2156

SRP Clean Energy Team Logo featuring a sun rising over solar panels and a hill
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