Randy Miller


Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter

Randy Miller has served on the SRP Board in at-large seat 14 since 2018 and is seeking re-election in 2022 for SRP Division 8. He is a Software Engineer with over 23 years of professional experience and has spent his entire professional career working locally in Arizona.  Randy has worked for Intel, Microsoft, GoDaddy, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Trizetto, and Cloudmed. 

Randy completed his Master’s of Science in Computer Science from Columbia University in New York, NY and his Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH.  He is an advocate for solar and other forms of renewable energy. He has been driving an electric vehicle since 2012 and had solar panels installed on his home in 2010.

Randy’s key accomplishments serving as a board member are:

  • Voted against adding 16 new natural gas units for the Coolidge Generation Station Expansion Project (CEP) at at cost of $830M – $953M.
  • Currently participating as a Board Observer for the SRP Integrated System Plan Working Group
  • Served as a Board Observer for the SRP 2035 Sustainability Plan Working Group
  • Voted in favor of doubling the financial incentive for the SRP Residential Battery pilot program
  • Currently serving as the Power Committee Vice Chair and also served as the Audit Committee Chair
  • Served as member of the Compensation, Finance and Budget, Water, Community Relations, Facilities & Support Services, Governance and Strategic Planning committees
  • Played an integral role in creating the Customer Utility Panel to help ratepayers that are not currently able to vote in SRP elections even though they pay a monthly bill to SRP.

When re-elected, Randy will work with SRP to utilize more renewable energy in the SRP overall energy portfolio.  Currently, between 30-40% of SRP ratepayers have no input into the elections process at SRP.  Randy will also work to make sure all SRP ratepayers are represented in the voting process and increase voter participation among currently eligible voters in the SRP elections.