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Ryan D. Winkle

SRP Council Division 9 Association & District

Ryan D. Winkle is a community & economic development professional. He has worked on projects all over the Phoenix Metro Area in the areas of small business technical assistance, housing options, workforce development, neighborhood revitalization and transit-oriented development. He graduated from ASU with a dual degree in Sustainability and in Urban Planning and completed his MBA at Wilkes. Ryan is the Executive Director of RAIL CDC, a fractional Executive Director at Az Fair Housing Center, and the Chairman of Az Asian Chamber of Commerce. Ryan specializes in growing and developing organizations and is a creator and supporter of multiple community groups such as the ABAKA Foundation, Mesa Urban Garden. Ryan serves on many boards such as The Secretary of States Small Business group and Michael Crows Resilience Leaders. He also previously served on the Valleywise Health board. Ryan lives in Mesa with his wife Ericka, his son Riancito, and his daughter Kamilita.

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