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Ericka G. Varela

SRP Council Division 9 Association & District

Ericka G. Varela is an adept professional with over ten years of experience in commercial banking and a profound expertise in construction management. She is a proud graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics and Business, and an MBA from Wilkes University. Ericka’s educational background lays a strong foundation for her professional excellence. Her professional journey includes significant roles at JPMorgan Chase Bank and Sterling National Bank, where she managed large business portfolios and played a pivotal role in customer acquisition, retention, and expansion.

Ericka’s hands-on approach resulted in the substantial growth of business client relationships and loan portfolios. In addition to her banking prowess, Ericka is the enterprising owner of SpiceGirl Remodel and Design, a construction company where she oversees projects from conception to completion, ensuring quality and compliance with city codes and regulations. This role has honed her skills in estimating, project management, and quality control, further solidifying her multifaceted capabilities.

Ericka’s impactful work with RAZA Development Fund as a Commercial Credit Analyst for Housing and Health Care Finance showcases her ability to manage risk and maintain the integrity of real estate loans, reflecting her commitment to community development and fiscal responsibility. Now, as a candidate for the SRP council, Ericka G. Varela is ready to apply her diverse skills and experiences to serve the community further. She is dedicated to advancing sustainable development, upholding financial integrity, and enhancing community value.

Ericka’s professional narrative is marked by her commitment to continuous improvement, strategic leadership, and a passion for excellence—a narrative that continues as she seeks to contribute her unique insights and leadership to the SRP council.

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