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Andrea Moreno

SRP Board Division 3 District & Association

Andrea Moreno is a 23-year veteran of the utility industry and former SRP employee. Andrea is fluent in both English and Spanish and has excelled in various roles across many organizations. Andrea has demonstrated her commitment to fostering positive relationships between organizations and the communities they serve. She was born and raised in Tolleson, Arizona. Andrea is committed to representing her community as a member of the SRP Board of Directors.

Andrea has been recognized for her leadership and commitment to community service. She has received numerous awards, including being honored as one of the “Women Who Shaped the Past 10 Years” by Dress for Success and being named one of the “40 Hispanic Leaders Under 40.”

Andrea served in various capacities within SRP where she managed a multimillion-dollar corporate contributions budget and developed programs aligned with corporate objectives before becoming a Program Manager. Her dedication to community service is evident in her role as Chair of a nonprofit organization overseeing a $20 million budget. She also leads a civic women’s commission that raised over $300,000 annually to support underserved women’s education.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Moreno is deeply involved in volunteerism, serving on the boards of various organizations, including Arizona Impact for Good and Foundation for Nonprofits. She is a past board member of Dress for Success Phoenix, Hispanic Women’s Corporation, Mujer Inc., Valle del Sol, and Valley Leadership reflecting her dedication to empowering women and fostering diversity and inclusion in the community.

Moreno’s candidacy for a position on the SRP Board of Directors stems from her desire to ensure that SRP remains a trusted community partner. Moreno is committed to championing energy efficiency and weatherization programs to create equity in the energy transition. Drawing upon her extensive experience and leadership in the utility industry, Andrea will work to ensure SRP’s rates remain affordable while meeting sustainability and reliability goals. With her proven track record of success, Andrea Moreno is poised to make a meaningful impact on the SRP Board of Directors, advocating for the best interests of both SRP and the communities it serves.

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