Jim Moule’


Jim Moule’ moved to Arizona in 1974 to manage an addition onto the VA Medical Center in downtown Phoenix.

Jim Moule’ is running for the SRP Board of Directors to encourage SRP to invest in clean renewable energy at the utility scale and offer homeowners the opportunity to install rooftop solar in a cost effective manner. Jim is an engineer who has held positions as a Senior Project Manager, Contracting Officer, Regional Manager and Capital Asset Manager. A Capital Asset Manager is responsible for insuring that all investments in capital asset are the best use of capital funds and are cost effective. Jim firmly believes that it is time for SRP to invest in clean renewable energy generation systems which include solar with storage and wind generation instead of air polluting coal and natural gas. This is not only a good business decision but is the right thing to do to slow down and stop climate change. Renewable energy generation is clearly the best way for SRP to serve their customers.

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