Vote for the Team

Make SRP a 21st Century Energy Leader!

How to Vote in the April 7th, 2020 SRP Election

  • Request a Ballot or call 602-236-3048. You have to ask SRP for ballots in order to vote. This is a special SRP only election. You will not be mailed ballots automatically unless you have requested ballots before from SRP.
  • Every name on the property’s deed should request a ballot.  With SRP’s election, voters vote their property(s).  If you have multiple properties request ballots for all of your properties.
  • SRP will mail ballots starting March 11th 2020.
  • Mail in your votes for the Candidates listed above before April 2nd 2020!

Vote for candidates listed above.  These candidates will work to:

  • Keep water and power rates low
  • Restore the return on investment (ROI) for homeowner rooftop solar power.
  • Increase SRP’s utility owned solar power to take advantage of our abundant sunshine.
  • Manage our limited water resources in a sustainable manner
  • Expand voting eligibility in SRP’s election
  • Represent your issues at SRP